• BELIEF 2022 Contributed Talk
    Valid inferential models offer performance and probativeness assurances
    Paris, France, October 2022.

  • Statistics Seminar
    Direct and approximately valid probabilistic inference on a class of statistical functionals
    Iowa State University,
    October 2022.

  • Bayes, Fiducial, and Frequentist Workshop: BFF 7 Invited Talk
    Valid inferential models for prediction
    University of Toronto, May 2022.

  • CMStatistics 2021 Invited Talk
    Incorporating partial prior information in an inferential model
    London, UK, December 2021.

  • BELIEF 2021 Contributed Talk
    pproximately valid and model-free possibilistic inference
    Shanghai, China, October 2021.

  • ISIPTA 2021 Contributed Talk
    Valid Inferential Models for Prediction in Supervised Learning Problems
    Granada, Spain, July 2021.

  • SINAPE 2014, Poster Presentation
    Bayesian Ordinal Regression
    Natal, Brazil, July 2014.